From the exclusive partnership between YEG! and “Múses European Academy of Essences” takes shape Sensory Marketing

Partnership – MÙSES

Múses, “The European Academy of Essences,” has chosen YEG! for an exclusive partnership.
YEG! together with Múses has created an extremely innovative sensory marketing project built to engage all five senses.

Múses is an original project of the association “Le Terre dei Savoia,” a territorial collectivity that fosters the development of smart rural lands for 60 municipalities, including the metropolitan area of Turin and the provinces of Cuneo and Asti.

YEG!, Múses and Terre dei Savoia, represent the perfect connection to give life to new and innovative Incoming strategies on the national territory, through the creation of a unique and winning B2C and B2B experiential platform.

A project dedicated to the olfactory vision, declining on various commercial and cultural sectors seven fragrances, to bring to life a series of multisensory experiences related to the territory and its values.
An extremely engaging format. An interactive experiential tour between technology and art, to recognize and use herbs and even create one’s own personalized perfume or natural cosmetic within the multi-purpose laboratory, consisting of 18 multimedia stations.

Playing with the dichotomous sense of the term essence, both as a solution of essential oils and as the proper and unchanging nature of things, fragrances are presented as the olfactory image of a place or a Brand.

YEG! has synthesized this variety of stimuli into seven main essences, each of which reveals a particular soul of Turin and in turn opens up to a thousand possible discoveries.

  • Essence of History & Tradition
  • Essence of Art & Culture
  • Essence of Innovation & Sustainability
  • Essence of Sport & Nature
  • Essence of Food & Wine & Wellness
  • Essence of Elegance & Lifestyle
  • Essence of Magic & Spirituality

The strategy of YEG! places Múses at the center of initiatives related to Multisensory Marketing and related territorial or Brand Activation projects.