YEG! under full sail in the GC32 Racing Tour 2022

Event - GC32 Racing Tour

YEG! offers the special opportunity to meet the participating teams of the GC32 World Championship, one of the most iconic international sporting competitions, and enjoy the journey as a guest aboard a full-speed catamaran as the world’s best sailors compete for victory.

The international lineup for the GC32 World Championship includes competing teams from many European countries-France, Great Britain, Austria and Switzerland, the United States, Oman, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand-and many more.

The GC32 Racing Tour is aimed at teams of professional and private racers competing on a five-event circuit in seas and still waters throughout southern Europe.

The GC32 “flying” catamaran allows sailors, both professionals and amateur enthusiasts, to get a taste of foil racing at speeds of over 30 knots. In fact, the GC32 Racing Tour has several features in common with the America’s Cup, in that in addition to foiling catamarans it uses a substantially similar racing format.
The fleet of flying catamarans inaugurated the 2022 Tour in Riva del Garda, with winds between 15 and 20 knots, in the incredible panorama of the Dolomites.

The program for guests on board is offered daily during dedicated races or speed challenges.