Spot The Fake: five episodes to test yourself on fake news.

Innovation - SaluTO 2022

It is increasingly difficult to distinguish real news from fake news.

Even in the medical and scientific fields, the use of the net by users is massive. For this reason, it is essential to provide clarity. How? By resorting to authoritative, scientific and verifiable sources.

SaluTO’s mission is to foster direct discussion between citizens, medicine and research. SaluTO is the event involving medical specialists and professors from the University of Turin School of Medicine and the Polytechnic University of Turin, with the aim of refuting fake news and promoting correct information on health issues.

Thanks to YEG! and the innovative D*motion method, the fourth edition of SaluTO, offered its partners a great opportunity to build a fruitful path of interaction with its target audience.

It all starts with a dedicated area within the event portal, where the first contact is made through a newsletter, which invites the audience to participate in an online quiz on the topic of fake news and then to download AWorld, the official UN Sustainable Lifestyle App.

The quiz and app allow players to take active action to accumulate points, which will then be converted into donations, earmarked for a charitable initiative of social interest.

A second newsletter invites the audience to participate in the live streaming Talk Show and interact via chat with a dedicated Community.

Through D*motion, the audience had the opportunity to participate in innovative neuroanalysis tests through an intuitive interface that allows the viewer to enjoy the video while their facial expressions are monitored through their device’s camera.

Through a dedicated section of the website, SaluTO partners can consult interactive Dashboards, which report in real time the result of neuroanalysis tests carried out by viewers while watching the videos available on demand, related to the attention and liking indices of the talk or individual speakers.

Innovation - SaluTO 2022

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