A project close to our hearts: the essence of Italy at hand

Partnership - Múses, European Academy of Essences

On the occasion of the first leg of Italy at hand tour 2022, YEG! and Múses – European Academy of Essences presented the seven essences created to tell, on an olfactory level the seven main attractive levers of Italy “at hand.”

Art, Taste, Spirituality, Traditions and Hospitality, Nature, Innovation and Sustainability, and Lifestyle are the values translated into essence, which help tourists savor the journey even before they have experienced it. Enthusiastic was the reaction of international MICE Tourism players involved by Convention Bureau Italia, organizer of the project.

Buyers and suppliers immediately understood the high potential of this Olfactory Marketing project, which allows them to imagine the values of Italy, even before having lived the travel experience and, afterwards, to relive the emotions using the sense of smell as the key to reopen the treasure chest of memories.

“The olfactory dimension makes it possible to reach a new level of travel experience.”

“A truly immersive experience”, “Through the essence I was able to imagine the experience”, “Smelling the essence creates expectation and increases the desire to leave”: these are some of the comments collected during the presentation.

Thank you Convention Bureau Italia, appointment in October for the next stage of Italy at Hand.

Grazie! ti contatteremo presto.