High Five! Storie di sport e amicizie a quattro zampe.

Production – High Five!

Stories of four-legged sports and friendships is a YEG! series about a new approach to dog education: one that moves from the practice of a sports discipline to create an exclusive relationship of synergy and well-being for both dog and human.

But High Five! Stories of sports and four-legged friendships is above all a collection of experiences that can be shared by pet lovers, who with High Five! can discover practices that can be easily replicated in everyday life.

It is a Branded Entertainment format that, under the guise of learning more about the main dog disciplines from an educational perspective, tells ordinary stories of extraordinary friendships.

It is aimed at a cross audience in terms of both age and interests: from children, who are naturally attracted to animal stories, to adults who have pets, to sportsmen.

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